One of the basic activities of a digital forensic lab is recovering data from any type of digital support. Obviously this requires tools, hardware and software of the highest quality to ensure perfect and certified results that can be used in court as incontrovertible evidence.

These sophisticated tools can be found in digital forensics labs and are operated by highly qualified technicians who  safeguard the confidentiality of the data obtained from analysis and prevent tampering or alterations, which would make any evidence found inadmissible.

Presentazione delle apparecchiature presenti all'interno del laboratorio d'informatica forense di BIT4LAW, utilizzate per l'estrazione e la copia di dati digitali.

Presentation of the equipment in the BIT4LAW digital forensics lab used to extract and duplicate digital data.

There are two key elements that make the digital forensic lab BIT4LAW a reference in Italy for the digital forensics sector: the experience and the ongoing professional development of the technicians who work at the lab.

An array of quality, state-of-the art equipment is used in the cases we examine, alongside an offsite clean room for the repair of damaged digital storage media.

A digital forensics lab set up for the acquisition and analysis of data from different types of digital storage media. Our mission is to meet the needs of each client and face all the digital investigations we handle with the utmost professionalism.

Main laboratory activities

Digital forensics investigations often require some preliminary technical work that is mainly carried out in our digital forensic lab, where the main activities are:

  • Acquisition
    • Certified copy of data using techniques and methodologies recognised by the international community, electronic seals, and maintaining the chain of custody;
    • Acquisition can also be performed outside of the lab, for example at the client’s premises or in the place where the digital storage media are located.
  • Analysis
    • Repair of damaged storage media in a clean room;
    • Recovery of data by file type (documents, messages, photographs, videos, audio, industrial drawings…);
    • Recovery of data by content type (customer lists, supplier lists, conditions of sale, quotations, designs…);
    • Recovery of deleted data even after formatting;
    • Detection of times when IT systems are used/not used and interaction between users;
    • Keyword searches;
    • Log file analysis;
    • Detection of sentinel events;
    • Search for connected devices (USB sticks, external hard drives…);
    • … and much more on any type of system (Windows, Apple, Linux, Windows Phone, iOS, Android, BlackBerry).
  • Reports and documentation
    • Provision of storage media containing the analysis data and/or reports illustrating the results of the analysis;
    • Reports can be further refined with evaluations and references to rulings, ensuring the document (technical report) can be used in court;
    • We can also provide reports that are court-sworn and/or translated into other languages.

A digital forensics laboratory that is constantly updated

BIT4LAW is a dynamic company and one of the most active in Italy, which makes our digital forensic lab one of the most sought after for data acquisition and analysis. We therefore have extensive experience in the management of multi-level processing and high volumes of demand, without compromising the technical quality of our operations and the evidence discovered.

Our continuous search for quality is perfectly in sync with the increasing demand from third parties for reliable, incontrovertible and easily verifiable data. That’s why our technicians are regularly trained to use new tools, methods and operating techniques, as well as the hardware and software equipment in our laboratory.

The accuracy and reliability of our service are the foundations for our future success. BIT4LAW is the ideal partner for discovering forensic evidence of digital-based offences. We have a proven track record in uncovering cases disloyalty among employees and collaborators, which is the leading cause of crisis in companies.