Digital forensics services

BIT4LAW is the brainchild of two professionals with years of experience in academic research and training in the field of computer forensics.

Beginning with the “simple” analysis of digital storage media and IT support, they have broadened the plethora of digital forensics services offered by BIT4LAW, with an increasing focus on the needs of businesses.

Digital forensics services by BIT4LAW

Digital forensics support

The professionals at BIT4LAW conduct forensic examinations of information systems, computers, notebooks, hard disks, mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, e-mails and websites.

BIT4LAW consultants provide services as:

  • •  Ex-parte consultants for private individuals, legal professionals, businesses, banks, insurance companies, public organisations, private investigators;
  • •  Expert witnesses appointed by public prosecutors;
  • •  Consultants for court investigators, providing technical support, tools and expertise;
  • •  Court-appointed expert witnesses in civil cases;
  • • Court-appointed expert witnesses in criminal cases

Professional digital forensics services by BIT4LAW

Digital forensics laboratory

Digital forensic investigations often involves analysis, although sometimes this doesn’t lead to legal outcomes

Either way, the research we carry out requires state-of-the-art computer forensic tools.

At our laboratory, all stages in the processing of digital data are carried out in accordance with ISO/IEC 27037 and ISO/IEC 27042: standards and include the acquisition, storage, extraction, analysis and evaluation of digital data on storage media.

Digital auditing for business service by BIT4LAW

Digital auditing for businesses

Years of academic and legal experience have given the consultants at BIT4LAW the specific skills to identify IT-related risks within a company in order to minimise their potential legal consequences.

Our experts can ascertain whether the technological infrastructure and processes used by businesses meet their own regulations, and whether they comply with applicable legislation and client expectations, and reduce the risks of legal disputes.

Incident response service by BIT4LAW

Incident response services for businesses

When an incident occurs, it is always too late.

It might be some consolation to know that you’re not alone... Unfortunately, few companies have the foresight to protect themselves by planning how they would react to critical digital data issues.

We try to help you in that. Subject to an internal digital audit, we can set up a CSIRT – Computer Security Incident Response Team – and draw up an incident response plan.

It only takes a few simple measures to significantly reduce the risk of incidents, and your company will be ready to react and minimise potential losses.

Digital forensics training course by BIT4LAW

Training course in digital forensics

BIT4LAW offers highly qualified personnel who are not only dedicated to their own continuing professional development, but also collaborate with Italy’s finest universities.

Their many years of experience on computer forensics courses in universities, particularly those of Bologna and Milan, has led to the establishment of the BIT4LAW Academy.

The BIT4LAW course in digital forensics, offered over one week or two weekends, trains computer forensics professionals to identify, gather, acquire, analyse and evaluate digital data.

Course participants will learn the technical and legal skills to operate in the field of digital forensics. The digital forensics course you were looking for!

Cyber Security service by BIT4LAW

Cyber Security

Bit4Law offers cyber security services, including digital footprint risk reporting, vulnerability assessments and penetration testing.

The aim of penetration testing is to simulate attempted attacks on network or host to check its level of security. After agreeing the time and scope of the assessment with the client, we attempt to breach the system and identify any vulnerabilities that could be exploited to gain access. By testing your IT systems in this way, you can detect weaknesses and correct them before malicious people can use them to cause harm to your company.

Our cyber security team includes professionals with years of experience and the main certifications on the market..