BIT4LAW for digital forensic investigations

BIT4LAW provides digital forensic services

Contact us for examinations of any type of information systems, including computers, disks, smartphones, mobile phones, tablets, log files, telephone records. We also perform forensic acquisitions of website data.

BIT4LAW consultants work in both civil and criminal settings as:

  • Ex-parte expert consultants for private individuals, lawyers and companies
  • Expert witnesses appointed by public prosecutors
  • Consultants for court investigators, providing technical support, tools and expertise
  • Court-appointed expert witnesses in civil cases
  • Court-appointed expert witnesses in criminal cases

BIT4LAW for business

We offer support to companies to verify the technological and legal capacity of their infrastructure. The aim is to reduce the risk of disputes or set up systems that can gather reliable evidence.

An incident response plan for businesses

BIT4LAW can set up an incident response team for companies, after performing an internal audit of their systems. Because solutions are always easier and less costly to find if you’re prepared. We can also help you create an internal CSIRT (Computer Security Incident Response Team) or provide one for you.

Would you like to test the robustness of your company’s digital security?

Digital footprint risk reporting, vulnerability assessments and penetration test carried out by experts who are internationally certified in cyber security.

BIT4LAW offers highly qualified personnel who are not only dedicated to their own continuing professional development

but also collaborate with Italy’s finest universities. Their many years of experience on computer forensics courses in universities, particularly those of Bologna, Modena and Milan, has led to the establishment of the BIT4LAW Academy, which offers high-quality training that can be tailored to your needs.

BIT4LAW courses on computer forensics, incident response and privacy

We offer tailor-made courses for your business lasting from 1 to 5 days. If you want to train at your own pace, you can take our digital forensics course to learn how to collect, analyse and assess digital data. Each course contains a technical and a legal section, which can be adjusted to suit your needs.